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March 28
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AdminiAcademy Application: Black Bile | Leenie by BitterBile AdminiAcademy Application: Black Bile | Leenie by BitterBile

Name: Colleen/Olya M. Rozenblyum

Nickname(s) or Alias: Leenie, Weenie, Leprosy, Colonoscopy, Colon, Colonsworth, Colon Cancer | Black Bile , Freckles 

Gender: Female – Agendered/ Gender-Fluid/ Trans*?

Country (from): USA

Age: 18

Birthday: December 4th

Sign: Sagittarius

Blood type: O Negative

Sexuality: Panromantic Asexual

Single/taken: Taken~

Occupation: Freelance Artist, Dog Walker

Currently lives: In Brooklyn, NYC

Languages spoken: Russian, English, Basic Chinese

Native language: Russian

Relationship Status: Currently with my lovely Wi-Fu - tis long distance :U 

Relatives: Mom, Dad, A Great Aunt and a Grandmother from my Mom’s side

Siblings/only child: 2 Older Half Brothers, An Older Brother and a Step Brother – SO MANY BROTHERS.



Height: 5’0 – 5’1 on a good day.

Weight: Oi! Enough to make a nutritionist sob!

Figure/build: Short, Stocky,Curvy-ish?, Chubby and Fairly Strong – Imagine a Fat Raccoon or a Muscular Guinea Pig

Hair colour/color: Reddish Brown – Almost Black

Hairstyle: Super Curly and pretty short. Usually up to my chin but when it gets a little longer it’s either low pig tails or a pony tail.

Eye colour: Dark Brown

Skin/fur/etc colour: Super Freakin’ Pale with lots of pink spotting – During the winter I’m super gray tinted – Let’s just say I get sun burnt in like 10 minutes.

Tattoos: Nope – but planning on it

Piercings: Snake Bites (Double Bottom Lip Piercings)

Scars/distinguishing marks: Scars all over my Hands from exacto knives, Mat board Cutters and Cats, Ankle Scars from constant falling, Freckles EVERYWHEREEEEEEE, BR OKEN T E E TH 

Preferred style of clothing: Punk, Vintage and Hipster. I like obscure patterns and animal hats, my favourite ones being my Owl hat and my Military hat. Also Androgynous and Diesel/Military Punk



Personality: Optimistic – All smiles, not a particularly jealous person, Very calm and keeps a neutral mind however is rather fearful / anxious, doesn’t handle stress or conflict well at all.

Social behaviour/ behavior: Friendly? Rather shy but opens up quickly and becomes very chatty – a little awkward | Weird.

Introverted/Extroverted: A mix – used to be an outgoing extrovert but is slowly turning introverted.

Likes: Drawing, Writing, Roleplaying, Cosplay, Cooking and Baking food, Watching Cooking Shows and travel shows, Walking around the city, every animal just yes, Tentacles, Dark – Creepy stuff, Reading and Watching anything that deals with Horror, Conspiracy or just the bizarre, Science – specifically Taxonomy, Biology and Chemistry, getting pierced.

Dislikes: Talking on the Phone, Insects, Cooked Veggies, Malted beverages, PANTS, Getting into fights or drama, summer, The Sun, Loud Noises or people yelling, overly crowded stores or cafes, Bitter things, the smell of sweat

Fears/phobias: Acrophobia (Heights), Agoraphobia (Fear of Crowded Places/ Loss of Safety), Angrophobia (Fear of Anger or Getting Angry), Haphephobia (Fear of Being Touched), Astrapophobia (Fear of Thunder and Lightning – VERY, VERY FRIGHTENING ;D), Necrophobia (Fear of Death/Suicide)

Favourite/favorite colour: Teal, Turquoise, Peachy Orange, Dusty Pink, Crème, Olive Green, Baby Blue

Hobbies: Skiing, Hiking and Field Studying

Taste in music: Electro-Swing, Jazz, Euro-Techno, Electronica, Electro-Pop, Horror Ambient, Field Recordings, Experimental, Progressive, Hard and Classic Rock, Indie, J-rock, EBM, Reggae,  Trip/Zombie Hip hop, Glitch-Step, Punk, 8-bit/chip-tune, Bit-Crush, Danger| Avant- Garde| Harsh Noise, Classical, Refined Static

Gross habit: Constant Scratching at arms/ face, tongue flickering, Twitching, Teeth-Grinding, Nail Biting, Lip/cheek biting, Constant Vomiting? ( Acid Reflux yo :U )

Cool habit: POP- LOCKING and CRACKING ALL MY BONES HUEHUEHUE – specifically my neck/wrists/ankles/back/jaw.

Proud moment: Finally figuring out how to shade with a damn pencil/ rendering stuff as well as finally being able to draw digitally.


Thoughts on the community:

I love it! I really do! I think it’s great and got my out of my shell, the people I met here I will surely never forget. Sure we have little hiccups and drama but hey what small community doesn’t? Overall, it’s great and helps us get out of our comfort zone as well as expanding our stories and characters beyond Adventure Time!

Thoughts on the Academy:

I think it’ll be an awesome opportunity to let people interact and learn from each other! Hopefully it’ll calm any drama that’s going about and we’ll all be a little friendlier to one another.

Thoughts on rp:

Love, Love, Love it! I think it’s really fun and helps me expand on story telling + making friends through Rp! Sadly, I get burnt out really quickly if I go on speed replying.

Thoughts on shipping:

Really fun with the right people, shitty with the wrong people who aren’t on the same vibe as you. Overall, just really fun if you know who you’re shipping with!

Thoughts on nsfw art:

I adore it, Porn is fun. The body is beautiful and drawing it in a moment of passion is great c:

People you look up to and why:

Oh god so many:

:iconoeus: I love this girl, she’s been my friend for pretty long in this community and is hilarious. I love her art and her curvy ladies >v< Amazing personality and super fun to just chat with! Rynn here is one of my best friends for sure and they are one of the people who inspire me!

:iconwi-fu: Oh gosh where do I start? Probably one of the most amazing people I’ve met here and has really put me head over heels for her! Her art is adorable and quirky to boot! She keeps on improving and gosh I just…enjoy watching her draw or hearing her speak – probably has some of the quirkiest ocs out there! Not to mention she's me sweetheart >v< 

:iconask-cotton: / :iconask-dym: Another very good friend of mine! She has taken hold of many of my characters’ hearts as well as being an amazing Rper. Her style just keeps on improving and she is so charming! I’ve known her for so damn long and I’m glad she’s stuck around despite my ups and downs >v<

:iconask-symphony-kingdom: Gosh, One of the first people I met here too! I loved her style for a super long time and she always seems to be so chill and patient! There are very few music based kingdoms I like and This one here definitely is one of the most original!

:iconchocorina: Super sweetie over here! Another mega awesome rper who’s always had my back! Her ocs are super precious and adorable and gosh, also mega chill and has never caused me trouble or anything. She’s just so freakin’ great!

:iconprincejakiel: Ahhhhh Quinny! You’re amazing and you should always know this! Your ocs are always beautiful and really well developed! I think you’re really fun to chat with and just be casual >v<

:iconmarylittlerose: While we may not talk much I do believe your ocs and art are really beautiful. Everything looks so soft, like a mix of renaissance art with a modern twist! I also think you’re very kind as a person and super calm c:

:iconsimply-novelistic: Man oh man! One of my other besties who has stuck with me for super fuckin long! Our rps are always so great and your originality and extensive development on them is phenomenal! Really sweet and always a blast to just chitter chatter with! Always helps me think outside the box!

Ahhhhhh my hands are killing me so Imma do a hall of fame here for the rest!:

Things you wanna learn from this group:

How to be more open to others??? Be more talkative and not be so FRAKIN SHY

Things you want to improve in your art:

EVERYTHING LOL; Well uh to be honest – Anatomy, Backgrounds and Perspective – also painting plz.

Suggestions of the group:

Not many yet except we really gotta get a move on with some fun shit! Maybe some contests? Rp events? 

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AskWildernesPrincess Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
Leenie why
i do not deserve to be in hall of fame
omfricking frack
i love you boo
what the heckie deckie is this anyway? ;OOOOOO))
BitterBile Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
{{ It's a little thing for the admins of the community u3u you should read up on the description of the group, its gon be fun >v< }} 
mricarus Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014
Yay, Tri-state!

Also, prog FTW.
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