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The Failed Hero ( Updated Info ) by BitterBile The Failed Hero ( Updated Info ) by BitterBile
Randall Nejem

Nickname(s): Randy, Goblin-Boy, Short-Ass, The Hero

Age: 15

Height/ Weight: 4’0 (121.9 cm) | 75 lbs. (34 kg.)

Sex/ Gender/ Orientation: Male | Bigender | Pansexual

Sexual Disposition: Submissive to All genders | Monoamorous 


:bulletred: Romantically: None, Confused about them. | Sexually: None, Even more confused about this!

:bulletred: Family | Friends | Allies:

- Vendel Patterwick and Felicity (Fellow Journeyers, Usually sell him supplies if they see him.)
- Marmalade Apfelsine (Big Sister Figure, Role Model)
- The Arctic Adventurers – Taavi, Aleksi, Hillevi, Iivari, Jaako (Idols, Occasional Helper and Friend)
- The Historians – Achoris, Herik, Celian (Secondary Idols, Usually help him through Desert Areas and Magic)
-  The Plague King (Sworn Enemy)
- Trinity (Motherly Figure, Best Friend – Helps care for him)
- Kostya Medvedev (Little Brother Figure, Cares for him deeply)
- Atom Bomber (An Odd Friend he made while searching a very far area- farther than Ooo itself…)

Species:  Burrowing Shadow Goblin

Origin/Nationality: Born in The Catacomb Caves, Ash Falls Valley – Resides in The Candy Orchid Caverns, The Sugar Petal Forest | Saudi Arabian – Arabic

Occupation: Full Time Bounty Hunter and Adventurer


:bulletred: Good: He has good intentions and only wants to do good – he treats elders with respect and admires those who are rightfully talented and skillful. Randall will help those in need with all his might despite his small size and rather weak stature.

:bulletred: Bad: He is a true coward, he’d rather run away from a fight than help really – he fear over taking what good deeds he had planned. He is a little greedy due to being a Goblin of his kind, usually stealing rare jewels from dungeons and areas that he visits. He is as short fused as can be, anger comes naturally to him. He lets his mouth run more than his mind, causing him to get into serious fights.

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good

Voice: B.O.B

Additional Information and Fun facts

:bulletred: He is incredibly weak with agility being on his side, this is why he carries a long range weapon like his pistol to fight monsters.

:bulletred: He used to have a pet Orchid Mongoose as a Companion, but he was viciously eaten by a demon.

:bulletred: He is a clean freak despite his burrowing habits and is incredibly hemotophobic (Fear of Blood).

:bulletred: He has some mana that he uses for spells, but he’s practicing and knows he isn’t up for Plague King just yet.

Open to: Roleplays Only.  

If I am forgetting you on the friend list, PLEASE notify me - I can only remember so much ^_^'.

Don’t forget to Read my Roleplay Rules so you won’t be d r o p p e d like a hot potato.
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This is a very very unique character! I don't think I've seen any goblin oc's at all! The color of his skin and the color of his hair look sooooo good together! and nice use of the orange too! Orange and the skin color look good, and they compliment the blue very well.

idk why but i'm really drawn to his nose, how it has a different pigmentation, same with the cheeks. I really like that choice in his design. And his eyes being animal like is really cool too! and the under bite is something nearly NO ONE does and I really like that you used it, especially since its a common trait in creatures like goblins and orcs.

I like the design of the back pack and that the straps cross, I've allways wanted a backpack that did that.

To be honest I really love the design over all. the only thing that puts me off in the slightest is the gun, mostly because the cannon characters usually only have swords and stuff, but with bubblegum and all the science themes and stuff I can see how it would fit in really well, and it doesn't lessen the character in the least.

I haven't yet read his info or back story, but over all, I' say you have one of the most unique and interesting original characters I've ever seen and I'd absolutely LOVE to see more of him!
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